Saturday, August 9, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Although this was not completely unexpected, I have been asked to be the interim assistant music director of my church.  Prior to being asked, I had always thought that I would turn this position down immediately but now I find myself thinking about it.  I have said that I would call in my decision on Monday so my weekend is cut out for me.

When I did the music camp that wiped me out, that was 15 hours a week plus a couple after-camp meetings.  Could I do that every week plus an additional 5 hours sometime during the week?

I already put in quite a few hours during the school year.  I currently usually play bells on Sundays (2) and I often sub in a youth group (1), have 2 bell rehearsals on Tuesday (2), have a rehearsal on Wednesday (1), children's handbells and play piano for another group on Thursdays (1.5).  That's 7.5 hours already and more than enough to add to the time that music camp was. 

Could I, with my nap schedule, pull all that off?

This is a temporary position.  When a new music director is hired, the current acting music director will resume her "real" job, which is the one I would be doing.  Hopefully, a new permanent director will be hired soon.

My ideal thing would be to say yes, get the prestige, such as it is, of having this job, then they hire someone who starts the beginning of September so I never have to actually do the work.

As a volunteer, I can always say no to coming in for an extra rehearsal.  As an "official person", I think I would have less leeway to do that.

I have worked with the acting music director for many years and we work well together.

Other than the schedule above, I can set my own hours.

This job involves emails, computer scheduling, other computer stuff, all of which I can do easily.  If there's any recruitment, I don't think I could do that.

The acting music director says that she will help me with repertoire since she is very aware what they have in the library and I don't.  I would hate to choose music only to find that that choir had just played the piece in the spring.

I need help deciding - what should I do?

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