Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year and a New Website!

Starting this new year (2011), I'm trying out a new online "music teacher's helper" website. I am always so focused on students and lessons that I don't always get around to keeping good bookkeeping-type records and I think (HOPE!) that this site will help me.

I still have my original website ( for basic information and this blog for news items but Music Teacher's Helper is also giving me a website as part of their free package. I can use this site for my students to log in, get assignments, find their payment records, see what books they have out on loan, contact me more easily, view the calendar of events and more.

To find this new more interactive website, please see: If you are a current student and haven't gotten your log-in info yet, please let me know at your next lesson or contact me.

A Happy and More Organized New Year!
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